In-Store Styling Session

In-Store Styling Session

$ 30.00

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Schedule a private styling session with Carley! 

Session includes:

- Consultation: Carley will begin the session going over your wardrobe needs, goals, and budget.

- Selection: Carley will use her knowledge of inventory and select pieces suited for your needs and budget.

- Try-on: You will then be guided through a private try-on, where pieces are evaluated based on needs from consultation. Carley will help with elimination and purchasing process.

The price for this private styling session will serve as a store credit deposit towards total Mod Mess purchase.

FOR EXAMPLE: Hannah books a 30min styling session with Carley for $30 and finds $150 in store merchandise. Carley uses $30 session fee as a credit to purchase, making Hannah's total at the register $120.


A message from Carley:

"Hey friends! It's ya girl, the one behind all things Mod Mess. What a journey this little biz has been over the years! It has opened doors I couldn't have imagined for myself, and as a result, it has taken me away from the storefront a bit. This has been very bittersweet because I miss my badass regulars, and leaving our seeing each other up to chance is crushing my soul! I opened this store to connect with the people of my city and help women express themselves through the avenue of personal style. I don't want that to stop, so I decided to launch this styling service as a way to ensure my presence and styling expertise as you shop Mod Mess, if you're into that sorta thing ;). Think of it as a regular visit to the shop back when I worked most days, only it's just me + you (and possibly some wine) navigating your wardrobe needs, so you leave the store knowing exactly how you are going to wear your new piece(s). There is always more than one! I'm excited to see you and help you establish your LEWKS. xoxo - Carley"