Posted on March 28 2019


Carley's words:

Ana!!! This girl has become a fast friend. We met through mutual friends and connected immediately. Ana is one of those people who just looks cool before you meet her... then you meet her and she's ACTUALLY cooler than she already looks (didn't even know how that was possible). She's the epitome of chill, with style that kills. She's a Jane of many trades: she skate boards, plays soccer, models, AND she is an incredible artist. You can find one of her murals in New Era Fine Fermentations, one of our local breweries. Needless to say I'm a fan, and I know you will be too. So do yourself a service and get to know Ana below!



Name: Ana Vela

Age: 24

What do you do: 

I work in the restaurant industry and working towards getting a degree in Marketing. I’m also an artist, I love to skateboard, and play soccer.

Style crush and why: 

Growing up I’ve always been a tomboy and have always been rough on my clothes, skating doesn’t help. Lately, I’ve been into Briana King (@brianaking). Her style is comfortable and more streetwear. If I want to dress it up, I look to Solange Knowles. I love the way she works with muted colors, textures, patterns, and pops of color.

Describe your personal style in 3 adjectives: Thrifty, Comfortable, Playful.

Favorite trend: Anything high wasted (come THRU hourglass figures)!

Favorite article of clothing/accessory you own: 

Baker boy hats, I can dress them up or down. They work as blinders if I’m trying to focus on getting errands done without any distractions. In addition, they’re lifesavers for those bad hair days.

What does the phrase Modern Mess mean to you: 

It’s okay to not have your sh*t together, move at your own pace. There isn’t a straight line to success. Especially in this day and age where everyone portrays a lavish, successful lifestyle online. It’s easy to get lost and compare yourself to others. The reality is that nobody is perfect, we all have our ups and downs. We all have our own way of dealing with the mess in our lives. At the end of the day be thankful for that mess because you’re a stronger person than you were before that. Also helps if you surround yourself with good company. I’m happy Carley recognizes that and turned a phrase that’s portrayed as negative into something authentic and positive!

Describe to us a recent Modern Mess moment you’ve had:

Well, listen, I like to test the limits, especially when it comes to putting gas in my Jeep. This certain incident happened about 2 years ago. I was running late to work and was on “E.” Surprise, surprise. The closest gas station to my house is about 1 mile, but in my head, I thought, “Ehhh I can make it to the gas station that’s closer to work off the highway!”(9 miles). I didn’t make it. I ran out of gas at the light, feet away from the gas station. It was also 5 o’clock traffic and a line piled up behind me. My AC wasn’t working so I was a sweaty mess. I cry-laughed my way across the busy intersection to get gas. I saw familiar faces who drove by as I filled my tank at the light. I was 40 minutes late to work. It was an embarrassing nightmare. You’d think I learned my lesson but I’ve ran out of gas twice after that incident. Maybe one day….lol

What is something you would like to do for others someday:

I would really like to create an outlet where girls can express themselves through art, sports, music, writing, anything that will unite them. I remember ages 13-16 being really difficult. Figuring out the things I liked/didn’t, coping with feelings, trying my hardest to fit in, all while dealing with personal issues. I want to help them stay true to themselves and their own ideas. Make them feel included, confident, and happy. Help them realize that they should enjoy those years of their lives rather than feel pressure to grow up so quickly.

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