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Carley's words: Oh, Emily!! This girl is one of my favorite people to see opening the doors of my little biz. She has a style that is completely her own, and from the first time she walked into my store she went for the most unique, frilly piece of them all! I swear I buy some pieces for the store solely because I know she'll rock them. Like myself, Emily dresses to express herself and whatever mood she's in. We really bond on that level. There's a famous Harry Winston quote that I think embodies Emily's flare ... "People will stare, make it worth their while." 

Read what Emily has to say about her style and Mod Mess in her words below!



Name: Emily Rose Bayne

Age: 23 years old

What do you do? I am a full time business student and I also work full time an Infectious Disease private practice located in the Kelly Building at Saint Francis.

Style crush & why: Caroline Daur, Aureta, and Chiara Ferragni. I love people who are unapologetically themselves. I love people who are experimental with style and wear things that are out of the box. These types of people inspire me everyday to wear the outfits that I may be second guessing when I try them on in the morning. These three women embody such style and class, in a way that makes you want to wear that ridiculously extra dress that you have in the back of your closet that you thought you would never wear… They inspire me to wear that ridiculous dress to the grocery store.

Describe your personal style in 3 adjectives: Statement-making, bold, and experimental

Favorite trend: Right now I am LOVING the animal print trend, and the fur trend. I can’t get enough of my leopard print fur coat this winter. I am also really loving the ‘statement sleeve’ trend. I love anything that packs a punch.

Favorite article of clothing/accessory you own: This is tough, I have a few. I LOVE my full length tulle skirt that I got from Mod Mess a few years ago. It’s huge and incredible. I love my classic black pumps, that I got vintage a few years ago. They’re timeless and I could wear them every single day. I also love my distressed Levi’s. They would have to be completely fallen apart and unwearable before I would ever get rid of those bad boys.

What does the phrase Modern Mess mean to you? To me, ‘Modern Mess’ means an everyday girl who is just trying to make it. A girl, who loves her life and wants to live the best of it, but has those ‘adulting is hard’ moments just like the rest of us. It means eating takeout on fine china, and drinking champagne out of a disposable red solo cup.

Describe to us a recent Modern Mess moment you've had: I am prone to moments like this. I am constantly that girl who is walking across the street in heels carrying 500 bags and dropping everything in the middle of the street. Recently, I was wearing an impeccable outfit. 6-inch pumps, red lips, the works. I am strutting my stuff, walking with such confidence, and I feel like I am at an all-time high. I am 10/10 feeling myself, looking ahead, never looking down, as I walk into a bar to meet my friend. I walk by a group of people, and kind of ‘smize’ at them and flip my hair, because, ya know… I’m on top of the world. Little did I know there was a step up, going into this bar. I tripped, fell on the ground, and all my stuff went flying everywhere. Well, I got a reality check really quick when multiple people came to my rescue. I came back to the real world and realized that… I, too, am human.

What is something you would like to do for others someday? I am absolutely in love with creativity. I personally love to cook and I obviously love to express myself through my clothing. One day I hope to inspire others to find their creative niche and start to apply that to every aspect in their lives. People often say that they ‘just aren’t creative people’ and I simply do not believe that. I think that people need to find their voice in one aspect, whatever that may be, and once they find that, learn to channel that creativity into other aspects. I hope that I can inspire people to find their ‘thing.’ I want to help people find the courage to express themselves in any and every way.

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