Posted on March 06 2019


Carley's words: ALLIE! This girl is not just a gorgeous face, she is the entire package! Allie works a few doors down at the most adorable children's store, The Steel Horse! This is how we met :). She has such a spunky, energetic spirit! I love visits from her because she has the BEST reactions and enthusiasm for the pieces in the store. She is always personal shopping for her sis who lives in NYC. We love imagining the outfits we pick for her on the streets of the big apple. She exudes confidence, and she uses that to bring others up with her! I had the best time styling her for this little session. Read more about Allie below!  



Name: Allie Tipton

Age: 18 years old

What do you do: I am a high school student, in cosmetology school, play tennis, and I work the The Steel Horse!

Style crush and why: Emma Chamberlain because she wears fun and comfy clothes and works it! She is different in her style and is always looking cute.

Describe your personal style in 3 adjectives: Comfortable, cute, and simple.

Favorite trend: My favorite trend is a bold shoe for sure! Just to have a simple outfit and then BAM an awesome, cute shoe! I have always been obsessed with shoes, you can never have too many!

Favorite article of clothing/accessory you own: My Levi’s jean jacket! It is so warm and comfortable! I will wear leggings and a sweatshirt and just throw that on and it automatically ups the look.

What does the phrase Modern Mess mean to you: To me the phrase ‘modern mess’ describes the life of someone who is living their best life even if it is a mess. They just keep pushing through everything life is throwing at them and making it look amazing!

Describe to us a recent Modern Mess moment you’ve had: So I was at tennis practice a few weeks ago and I was playing out a point against this girl. I had seen my coach walking my way right before I had started. She hit the ball way across the court and no human could have possibly gotten it, but me not wanting to look lazy, ran so hard to this ball and almost hit the light pole. I had to abruptly stop and I jammed my knee so hard and I immediately felt the pain. But coach goes “look at those speedy legs”, even though on the inside I was CRYING. Couldn’t walk for 2 days but hey at least i didn’t look lazy!!

What is something you would like to do for others someday: I would love to be able to teach young girls about confidence and how to love themselves. Growing up in a world with so many unique and beautiful women it’s easy to compare yourself to them, but this is very toxic and you should love yourself for who you are!

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