Posted on January 31 2019


Carley's words: Madeline has been a Mod Mess shopper from the very start! I remember the first time she came in with her sweet mother and we had the best time dressing her up! She always tells me how she never wears color and I insist she step out of that comfort zone a little because LOOK HOW GOOD COLOR LOOKS ON HER! My favorite days are when Madeline brings her adorable daughter Stella, who is one of the sweetest, most well dressed little girls I've ever met. Stella is always on her best behavior because she knows she's getting ice cream upstairs when she lets mama try on clothes ;). 

Read what Madeline has to say about her personal style, being a Modern Mess, and what she would like to do for others below!



Name: Madeline

Age: 26

What do you do? Cosmetology school, momma

Style crush & why: Gigi Hadid. She can be edgy, chic, classic, or over the top and she ALWAYS kills it.

Describe your personal style in 3 adjectives: Edgy, feminine, refined

Favorite trend: Chunky boots. Or crop tops. Or belts! Can I have three favorites!?

Favorite article of clothing/accessory you own: My favorite accessory would have to be my Chanel bag. Splurge purchase. Other than that, my "go to" studded black boots.

What does the phrase Modern Mess mean to you? There's a little bit of modern mess somewhere in all of us. To me, a modern mess is a girl chasing her dreams, feeling overwhelmed and lost at times, yet confident in herself and knowing where she wants to go even though she doesn't know how....but somehow always finding a way.

Describe to us a recent Modern Mess moment you've had: Is it acceptable for my whole life to be a modern mess!? I would say my biggest modern mess moment is learning to find myself in the midst of learning to be a mother. Learning not to lose myself while helping my daughter find herself. Showing her how to be a strong woman, but letting her know it's okay to fail.

What is something you would like to do for others someday? I want to make people feel good...feel confident in themselves...and feel loved. If I can do those things, whether it's through cosmetology or other ventures...that would be a dream. 


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