Posted on June 02 2020


Palm Springs, CA — A little Southern California desert oasis known for its mid-century modern architecture, design elements, arts and cultural scene, and recreational activities. As someone who appreciates design and luxury as much as a hike in the wilderness, this has quickly become my favorite destination even though I’ve only visited once. I have deemed it my “retreat,” and we will meet again this November (I convinced my dude to honeymoon in PS hehe). 
Desert Hills Patchwork Dress:
The landscape and natural foliage of Palm Springs is desert dry, yet so beautiful up close. I selected this patchwork dress because the subtle hints of pink remind me of the cactus blooms we were so lucky to see when we visited during springtime, and patchwork is best admired up close. 
Sky High Oversized Blazer:
Fun little fact about the city of Palm Springs, they have super strict building codes that don’t allow homes to be built too high to block another’s view of the landscape and skyline. So you can pretty much guarantee wherever you dwell, you will get a priceless view of the sunset behind the desert mountains. I selected this tie-dye blazer in remembrance of that clear view of the blue sky. 
Sun-Blocked Midi Dress:
Speaking of doors, every color you see in this fun dress resembles the color of a door you can find when you take a little drive through the neighborhoods of Palm Springs. The silhouette of this piece has a retro vibe that reminds me of a dress you would see in a 60s catalog. Think Twiggy, but midi. 
Make It Mod Mini Dress:
The structure and clean lines of this dress remind me of the many mid century architectural gems you will find around downtown Palm Springs. When my sister and I visited last May, we took about three hours out of our 3 day vacation just to drive around, admire the beautiful homes, and the DOORS! If you’re a door lover, you better book a trip to PS ASAP. 
If we’ve convinced you to looking into planning a trip to Palm Springs, wearing these outfits for your vacay looks, and soaking up the desert sun, then we’ve done something right. Below I have attached some of my favorite moments along with recommendations based on my experience. 
Playlist: Global Funk via Spotify
Stay: Ace Hotel Palm Springs
Brunch: Cheeky’s
Eat: The Pink Cabana
Hike: Taquitz Mountain Trail
Coffee: Ernest Coffee
Explore: Joshua Tree National Park (definitely worth renting a car to drive an hour to this incredible landmark)
Shop: The Shops at 1345
Drink: Toucan’s Tiki
Drive: Indian Canyons
Chill: Poolside at the Ace Hotel
Thank you so much for reading and supporting this new little gig. 

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